Beauty. Sexuality. Sociality. Shame. Society.

Statistics on an increasing levels of stress anxiety, depression, loneliness and insomnia show us that our society is out of balance.

Even the climate has had it! So, we need a new hero. Many of them actually.

And these heroes are The Unruly Women!

They dare to be free, to take their space in society and contribute with their unbound creativity in order to create a healthy social culture in society. In other words, they are able to contribute to better times and a world in balance. For men, women and Earth.

The problem is that women traditionally have been ruled by:

  • Beauty 
  • Sexuality 
  • Sociality 

And that means that women have not been free to:

  • Make themselves visible on their own terms and freely take their place in society (beauty) 
  • Contribute with their own independent creative force and power(s) to society (sexuality) 
  • Be social on their own terms and create an economic- and social culture in balance (sociality) 

But this needs to end now! Because unruly women are firstly ruled by their own desire and are thereby free to contribute with their own originality and creativity to create a balanced society. Luckily, history is filled with unruly women who have moved the world, and still do – whilst having more fun!

Do you want to become a member? Then you can start by gaining insight into:

  • Beauty. Sexuality. Sociality. The 3 areas of life in which women traditionally have been ruled.
  • The most important belief women need to have in order to change society
  • Inspiring and entertaining examples of unruly women in world history

This talk is both humorous and sharp, as it touches upon the limiting prejudices and stories which women are still met with in society and culture today. They would benefit freeing themselves from 

this in order to be able to contribute to a more fun, more whole and last but not least a better world. For all.

The talk is based on my bestseller Ladycool. Your gender is a strength – use it!