Emilia’s new book “Ladycool” became an instant bestseller in Denmark when it was published in March 2014. This keynote is based on the book and is very popular in networks, organizations, and businesses with many female employees and female leaders.

It is not cool for a boy or a man to be associated with femininity, while girls and women often gain status when they are attributed masculine characteristics. In a sharp but humorous way, this keynote addresses many of the historical and cultural prejudices that women still face today. Emilia then turns these prejudices around and explores how we can use them to our advantage. Being a women is actually a blessing! We have more options than men to unfold all sides of ourselves. We just have to believe that they are valuable.

Time is on our side. The world is experiencing a social revolution wherein the feminine is gaining the same high status as the masculine, because we – and society – need it! But in a contemporary version that complies with all the roles, tasks, relations, and values that women have today. And so that we can contribute in the best possible way to our communities – on our own terms!

In short, we as women need to (re)discover how fun, important, and valuable our feminine qualities also are. We need to become ladycool so that we can truthfully say:
“I am loved. I am free. I am beautiful. I am important.”

Experience an exciting, challenging, and entertaining keynote which will teach you how to love your feminine side. And show you how you can use it much more and better in your day-to-day life – both at home and at work. You will be actively involved and hear many funny and exciting stories – and, finally, you will leave feeling uplifted and with a renewed wish to contribute to the world around you with your special female talent.

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