Our society is out of balance – and we need unruly women to create a more human and innovative society. 

Traditionally women have been ruled by society in their:

  • Beauty 
  • Sexuality 
  • Sociality 

Which means that too many women have not outlived their own creativity and potential – and thus have not contributed as much as they could to a balanced and human society. Because they have not been free to:

  • Make themselves visible on their own terms and freely take their place in society (beauty) 
  • Contribute with their own independent creative force and power(s) to society (sexuality) 
  • Be social on their own terms and create an economic- and social culture in balance (sociality) 

And the world needs these unruly women! Statistics show that stress today is a widespread disease, anxiety and depression is growing as is loneliness and sleeplessness, so yes – we need another balance for both people and our planet. 

Fortunately history offers a wide range of inspiring unruly women! Who have expanded our ways of thinking, acting, creating, loving, laughing and socializing. In short: They have made life much better, more interesting – and just.

How? By not being ruled by the traditional norms, structures, values and expectations to their role as a woman. Instead they are ruled by their own desires. And thus, their own creativity, thoughts, needs, strengths and dreams – and hereby is able to give their own free, strong and original contribution to the community. For all to thrive and develop. 

Unruly women are inspiring, funny, alive and interesting to be with as they embrace life with happy expectations of creating the world of tomorrow. 

You want to be an unruly woman too?

Well, it is not an easy task to fulfill on your own. And that is why we need to do it together. Let us all join the movement and become members of the 

Unruly Women’s Club. 


  • Beauty. Sexuality. Sociality. The 3 areas of life in which women traditionally have been ruled.
  • The most important belief women need to have in order to change society
  • Inspiring and entertaining examples of unruly women in world history

The talk is based on my bestseller LADYCOOL. Your gender is a strength – use it!

It addresses in a sharp and entertaining way many of the limiting prejudices and stories in history and culture women are facing - even today! And gives women new and liberating opportunities to contribute. 

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