One of the greatest challenge facing the modern human today is the ability to answer “yes” to the question: Am I successful?

And at the same time, our society and life has never been this complex, so only very few feel they are a success, while the rest just feel stressed out (up to 60 %), anxious (30%), depressed (20%) and lonely. Which happens for all of us – the accountant, the artist, the CEO, and the teenager who is only just starting to meet the demands of adult life. And this has a bad impact on not only our privat lives; it also has on our ability to work together and create a good working environment.

What we tend to forget is, that it is actually very simple: Our lives become meaningful and dignified when we have meaningful relationships and the ability to contribute to our communities.

Main points:

  • Diagnose of the conditions of modern life
  • Get a new understanding of what KPI means
  • What is ontological security? And why it is important
  • Good relations matter more than anything
  • We all need to contribute to feel happy
  • Neo-tribal communities is the future – and the answer
  • Co-creation is not easy – but it is necessary. And fun!

The talk is uplifting, enlightening, and sharp, and through funny and moving stories, interesting examples, and simple exercises, you will learn how to say goodbye to the tyranny of success and instead focus on strengthening your community.

This keynote is based on Emilia's latest book: The tyranny of success - and the way out. It was published in May 2017 with Rosinante, Saxo. 

* Statistics come from following sources and are international: WHO, Gallup, American Psychology  Association, Journal of Clinical Medicine, Statens Institut for Folkesundhed, Nationale Sundhedsprofil

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