This keynote is based on Emilia's latest book: Succes Tyranny - and the way out. It was published in May 2017 with Saxo. 

The greatest challenge facing the modern human is the ability to answer “yes” to the question: Am I successful?

Remarkably few can! Modern life is so complex that we never really know whether we are successful or not. This challenge is not getting smaller as our culture and economy continue to grow. Instead, we have more and more to live up to!

Most of us already live in a success tyranny in which we try to live up to a long list of demands. These may seem trivial, but when added up, they result in a life that leaves us no time to embrace our communities and do the things that we are actually good at. This is true for all of us – the accountant, the artist, the CEO, and the teenager who is only just starting to meet the demands of adult life.

The success tyranny is a direct way to stress and anxiety, and often creates a bad working and family environment. In spite of this, we rarely speak out about it because it is associated with shame and taboos. But it is important that we dare to talk about it if we want to free ourselves and our surroundings.

It is actually rather simple: Our lives become meaningful and dignified when we have meaningful relationships and the ability to contribute to our communities.

The keynote is about:

  • Contributions and relations lead to true success
  • The 13 areas of life wherein we plan our way to failure while chasing success.
  • Success is not fact. It is a feeling that we can create for ourselves.
  • The Fraud Syndrome: Something almost everyone suffers from.

The keynote is uplifting, enlightening, and sharp, and you will learn how the conditions of our time (Facebook, coaching, and celebrities) have made our ideals unattainable – and how you can kiss these hopeless ideals goodbye! Although life cannot be written into simple formulas, you will get a practical model of what gives life value. Through funny and moving stories, interesting examples, and simple exercises, you will learn how to say goodbye to the success tyranny and instead focus on strengthening your communities!

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