By 2015 75 % of the workforce is constituted by Generation Y (born 1980-1995). And the Z’s (born 1996-2010) are just behind them. They are driven by purpose, freedom and communities and a desire to improve the world. They have a tolerant relation to gender, are (preferably) living as digital nomads – and most important is having a life-career. 

Undoubtedly – the generational shift is ON! The big question is how do we attract and withhold them? 

The main rule is simple:

Do you want their energy? Give them your sympathy!

Get 3 important tools to turn the generation gap into a bridge. Understand their:

  • Identity: Who are you?
  • Relations, leadership & communities: What is our relationship?
  • Contribution & (life)career: What are we changing in the world? 

Other insights: 

  • What motivates Y&Z’s. And how do we attract and withhold them? 
  • Myths and facts about the young generations 
  • 50% of their jobs are not invented yet. 
  • The 4 demands they are ruled by in order to obtain success (they think!)  
  • Young people's communities are neo-tribal. What does it mean? And how do you create them?
  • Leadership: What works and what does not work at all!

The talk is informative and entertaining and through stories and examples you will understand what drives these young generations. You will also know how to motivate and work with them, so that you together create the best working environment for all generations. It relates (among others) to my latest book, The tyranny of success – and the way out, which was published in 2017. The talk is popular at conferences, customer events and department meetings, as well as in management groups.

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