Without the others – we are no one

I have felt like an outsider for a big part of my life. As a child it was due to my Spanish background. When I got older it was probably because of my personality ; )

Sociology became my way of understanding why most of us feel like outsiders, and how communities are so important for our existence. As humans, organisations and society.

The young generation is in front when it comes to developing our society and jobs.

The gender revolution teaches us new ways of becoming a human being.

And modern communities set leadership, creativity and us free.

I have specialized in these 3 subjects for more than 25 years. Welcome.



Lead, attract & withhold them & understand the future workplace



How to take your space -
and free your creativity 


the fantastic


The art of succeeding together in times of change


Why Danes are the Happiest People

And how you can become
more "Dane"

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TEDx talk for University St. Andrews here.

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Many companies and organizations lose their young employees who see no value in being stuck in a traditional hierarchy and rigid system. And they definitely do not want managers who do not understand how to take care of their (young) employees. By Emilia van Hauen, cultural sociologist, board member, author, TEDx speaker “Your life?! I do not want that!” That sentence struck a senior partner in a prestigious consulting firm ...

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Last week the results from the Danish Health Profile 2021 came out, showing that young people are more stressed than ever before. As a society the last thing we need is for young people, who already struggle, to feel forced to succeed early in life. Especially because half of them will be at least 100 years old. Instead, we need examples of new beginnings for 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, ...

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Many leaders experience that it is a new challenge to understand and lead modern, young men. They are not driven by the same things as their fathers were. Here’s a crash course inspired by, among others, Jonas Vingegaard, Tobias Rahim, and Jonas Risvig.  By Emilia van Hauen, sociologist, board member, bestselling author   “I don’t quite understand why they can’t handle the pressure?! We certainly could when we were young.” ...

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TEDx talk: Unruly Women Have More Fun!

In 2021, I gave this TEDx talk for University St. Andrews in Scotland - which was recorded in Copenhagen due to Covid-19. It has therefore been made as a salon with the most amazing women. Join the club!

TEDx Copenhagen 2010

In 2010 I gave a TEDx talk in Copenhagen about why the Danes are such a happy people. And why trust, equality and social security creates a strong society. This is framed by the story of the big misunderstanding between my Spanish grandparents in their marriage and how Tashita from Ghana was rescued when she was accused of being a witch.


Thank you very much for your inspiring talk at the meeting today. Many of my co-workers have expressed their excitement for you, your energy, and your way of conveying your message – how you use stories and examples. Your background gives weight to your message! People are already requesting your book. Once again, thank you for your contribution to a lovely day – with room for reflection.

Tina Kepka 

Astellas Pharma a/s – Nordic Operations


It was fantastic!

We in the management team have discussed challenges with recruitment and education of new employees. We therefore invited Emilia van Hauen to educate us about generation
Y and Z, which in a few years will take over the labour market. We got many great insights which enhanced our understanding of the younger employees – and from which we will definitely adjust our recruitment program and how we train our future employees, so both elements are a better fit.

Michael Villemoes Larsen

Head of Administration,

Copenhagen City Court

Emilia changed our policies! 

We had a good and insightful dialogue with Emilia who has a deep knowledge and understanding of leadership and motivation across generations and gave us simultaneously a sharp analysis of the impact of corona in managerial contexts. The dialogue with Emilia and her talk to the management group has inspired us to revisit and adjust a number of our politics so that we better match the zeitgeist.

Jens Bødtcher-Hansen

Managing partner, Legal Advisor to the Danish Government Firm,

Poul Schmith

Enriched, uplifted and strengthened!

It was once again a great pleasure to see and hear you yesterday! You are a unique combination of science, practice and good examples, mixed with an engaging commitment, which shows through being interested rather than just interesting. One leaves enriched, uplifted and strengthened from your presentations – and I could see that the members did so too.

Tina Buch Olsson

Senior consultant, The Danish Chamber of Commerce

A massive eyeopener!

Emilias talk ”The young show us the way to the future” was a massive eyeopener for many of us and it gave us some concrete ideas and inspiration on how we, as leaders in the healthcare industry, should think in new ways of organizing the work, so that we can be an attractive workplace for the younger generations.

Dorte Crüger

President, Danish Regions Capital 

Digital talk:

A sincere recommendation!

Emilia is an incredibly empathetic speaker with something important at heart. Her high level of professionalism combined with her bubbly and present personality made her performance go beyond the online conditions. There was a good balance between dissemination, slides and “probs” – One was captivated throughout and even though it was behind a screen she burned through with key messages about organisations,
generations and the future. Her presentation provoked reflection and a desire for action. I would strongly recommend you to invite Emilia, then you’ll go into the future more capable and with a better set of skills.

Sara Hansen Lavrsen

PR- and Marketing Manager, Hartmanns